Amazing week for TSTO!

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It’s been an amazing week for The Simpsons Tapped Out! 🙂

I’ve added some updates to my ‘Nearly-Spoiler-Free’ walkthroughs…

➡  Level 32 – Rod and Todd Parts 8-10

➡  Krustyland – Krusty-est Place On Earth Parts 1-6

I must say, TSTO has provided me with so much enjoyment. The truth of it is, due to many obligations, commitments and my modest financial situation; I haven’t been able to afford much entertainment, let alone consider a vacation for several years. But for less than $300 dollars US, TSTO has given me a vast virtual vacation that I’ve been on for months now ~ with no end in sight!. Now that’s money well spent!! Thank you, EA!!!

Finally I want to say how much joy I’m receiving from recording my TSTO game progress on social media. I’m a such a geek. Always have been. My circumstances have kept me from expressing the full depth my geekiness lately. TSTO and all it’s associated activities are providing me with a huge dose satisfaction on so many levels.


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