Krustyland – The Game within a Game

I’m just starting to get my head around this Krustyland (KL) thing. It’s a game within a game. While a little confusing at first, I get it now. EA has to design content that takes a reasonable amount of time for players to consume. Plus that content must introduce new and unexpected twists to keep us Tappers interested (and more importantly buying donuts).

Whacking Day achieved this by being grueling, but in the end – I really enjoyed staying with it everyday and strived to get all the prizes. Squidport [aka Snailport 😉 ] achieved this in a much more laid back fashion with its long boardwalk ‘Make’ times. Now the trick with KL will be to manage 2 sets of quests/tasks going back and forth between your KL and your Springfield.

This will require plenty of planning. Walkthroughs (WTs) will be very helpful. I will (as time permits) be posting my ‘Nearly-Spoiler-Free’ WTs here on my blog. Each quest name in the WT is also a link to my Flickr site which has an archive of compact yet full-res screenshot paste-up pics containing all the ‘dialogue’ from that quest/task. BTW: I have an ulterior motive for doing this. I’m a word-geek and want to have time to savor this in-game dialogue. There is (just like the TV show) some cutting-edge writing in them.

Plus they are the only source of game play instructions directly from EA. A good example is the following explanation of the Krust-O-Meter that I would have just blown through a couple of months ago…

Krust-O-Meter - Krustyland - Simpsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble

Then there’s the cool new friends’ menu-screen. It now shows Krustyland and Squidport status. Although the verdict is still out on how accurate it is. Accuracy aside it’s still a very cool upgrade IMO. (Please note: Since this is a public blog, I’ve partially blurred their Origin IDs in respect of my TSTO friends’ privacy)

Visit Friends  Menu Update - Simpsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble  See Who Tapped U - Simpsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble

But wait, there’s more! You can now tell what friend tapped what item in your town. When you tap a shaking-hands icon the Origin ID of whatever friend tapped it appears and floats upward. However, at least in my Android game it doesn’t show who tagged (vandalized) your buildings. Which is fine with me, because graffiti is perfectly within ‘the spirit’ of the TV show and it’s supposed to be a sneaky activity anyway 😉 I haven’t tested what your friends will see after you clean graffiti in their towns. If anyone knows, please comment.

Finally, an interesting observation about the KL Shuttle. It can’t be rotated…

Krustyland Shuttle No Rotate - Simspsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble


9 thoughts on “Krustyland – The Game within a Game

  1. Em, I got your last comment. Both sites seem to be staying off-line right now. I’m getting worried about you guys. I’ve sent you a FlickrMail message. I sure hope you all get back online soon. Meanwhile, I’ll try to get some more WT’s posted here.

  2. I know ’bout the sites 😦 John made a page, thread or blog about K-land at TappedOut, that’s where I got the info on the shuttle 🙂
    If Mike needs a break, he can take it and no one (sane) will begrudge him that. 16 million is a very high number and it’s hard not to feel responsible for that many followers. TappedOut is smaller (less than a thousand) but I still felt bad when I overslept and missed being there for most of a day. Now when I can’t access the site and do my job I feel helpless and frustrated.

    • Sorry Em, I feel your pain 😦 It’s terrible not to be able help folks that are relying on you – because of stupid technical issues. I do IT for a living and I’m thinking (but hoping I’m wrong) that the problem assessing both sites are a byproduct TSTO Tips’ viral success. There are probably tens of thousands of regular TSTO Tips readers out there hammering that dedicated webserver to death right now. And the trail leads to you next and then ‘gulp’ (perish the thought), maybe even to my blog next. Hope I’m just being paranoid 😉

      Anyway, I agree some R&R (plus quality TSTO time) is a must for Mike at this point. He’s earned it many times over. And your site is a great place to do just that! 🙂

      Hopefully these webserver errors will clear up soon, but I just checked and both sites are unavailable right now 😦

  3. Strange. I can’t get into or No reply from server 😦
    The Shuttle has three looks. It evolves as the Krusty ratings goes Up. The ‘other Springfield’ has the really fancy looking shuttlestation.
    In the new friend screen you can choose where to go. Tap the upper part to land in KL or the bottom part to go to Springfield 🙂

      • BTW: I’m concerned for Mike S. He must be completely exhausted from handling that monster apparently by himself. I estimate he moderated over a 1000 comments (probably more) after KL dropped. It makes me shudder to think of all the countless hater & spam comments he had to wade through to do that. I really feel for him; this has got to be ruining his enjoyment of the game. As I’m sure it as all the authors of that mega-hit site. Viral success can be a blessing and a curse. Be careful what you wish for 😉 Anyway, thanks again, Mike S, for all your great sacrifice and effort. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        P.S. Em, I just checked and both sites are now unavailable again. Weird, very weird.

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