TSTO Tips’ Mr. T Sells Out!

Well folks, sad news 😦 what at first appeared to be a hacked mega-hit blog, has alas reveled itself to be a potential sell-out!

TSTO Tips Sell-Out

I’m an ‘as-it-is’ kind of person, so I’m not going to rant about this. It was his site to do with what he wished.

I just want say… for someone who espoused virtue and moderated his blog in that manner (which is IMHO what got him so many readers to start with) this is not a virtuous move, at all. Especially given the fact he talked so much about how he was totally against hacking. Now to sell out to a hacking-mill, well that speaks for itself. To add insult to injury the poor folks that get victimized by this scam will probably ultimately discover this hacking-mill is using hacks that are readily available for free!

I also want to shout-out to the wonderful folks Mike S & Werdna and now Mickus & mrpy (and lets not forget the misunderstood rcsprinter) that kept the site going while Mr. T was doing whatever he was doing. They are the real victims in all this, after putting in so much earnest volunteer effort. This is bad karma Mr. T – very bad karma. Not a rant just the truth. 😐

Now this is all assuming there ever was a “Mr. T”. My scam-o-meter is starting to peg out here. Maybe this was just a massively clever phishing campaign all along. I’d be highly suspicious of any email I received at the address you used to comment on TSTO Tips.

I will post more updates as this saga plays out. 😦


4 thoughts on “TSTO Tips’ Mr. T Sells Out!

  1. He hasn’t sold out, he was pressured by Gamezino due to some sort if legitimate breach of contact suit. He wasn’t aware that Gamezino were hackers and scammers and he was lied to. He was told everyone would keep their rights however this was not true.

    • Thanks for the input, colonelhomer815 🙂

      Yeah, it seems [at least this is my sincere hope because I’m huge fan of Mr. T] that he was duped by the ‘bad guys’ and did not sell out the Global TSTO Community.

    • I wish I knew, I always enjoyed his ‘Outsider’s Musings’ guest posts. But for some strange reason his last post, which was deleted before I got to read everything, caused an uproar in the commenting. Also earlier he posted a YouTube video (with a synthetized voice) which riled folks up. He later added captions which cleared things up a bit. I enjoyed it either way 🙂 Check it out… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4gFAUnDhIM

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