Moving On…

The human need to rationalize is very powerful. This TSTO Tips ‘Take-Over’ thing has the potential to bum the DrewDabble out, and that takes A LOT these days. The reason I would be bummed (if I allowed myself) might surprise you. I surely wouldn’t have my lip stuck out because I feel scammed. Not being judgmental – just stating facts; only fools surf the Internet thinking they can find some wonderful ‘scam-free’ perfect website to hang-out at forever. TSTO Tips was great while it lasted. Stuff changes, this is the way of things… as it is.

It’s just that Mr. T (or whoever’s doing the writing behind this) seems to have used the Dalai Lama in this scam. There was a comment in one of the two posts from Mr. T when he briefly resurfaced on July 30th. In the comment – Mr. T said he met the Dalai Lama. Here’s the thing; DrewDabble follows few (if any). If I did follow, Lhamo Dondrub  (aka Tenzin Gyatso – The 14th Dalai Lama) would top the list.

Before this train-of-thought gets too much further down the tracks, or derails completely – if it hasn’t already 😉 . I’ll just stop and ask myself “WWDD” (What Would [The] Dalai [Lama] Do). He’d grin with a wonderful infectious warmth in his eyes and speak of… impermanence (anicca) or something like that, but most importantly, he’d likely have no  no words of condemnation. Nor shall I.

Don’t really know where to go with this from here – except to say, there is always more to every story than what gets posted on the Internet. It is hard to believe the ‘Mr. T’ that moderated himself to Internet legend status has become some sell-out scam. So I’ll just (in the spirit of Joe Wookie Riot) end with a Star Wars reference… Maybe he was just momentarily seduced by the ‘dark side’ and will return (now for a TSTO Wolfcastle/McBain ref) to engage this hacking-mill guy Allen in some grand ‘climatic battle’.

Either way – it’s time to move on and get back to the game that’s the reason for all this hubbub in the first place. It’s time to get back to some ‘Happy Tapping’ 😀


35 thoughts on “Moving On…

      • Sorry folks, I’m new to moderating. I haven’t mastered the WordPress dashboard yet. It is hard to tell what comment goes with what post or what other comments and replies, but no worries; I’m a fast learner 😉

        Yes Justin, it would seem the old Tips site is a dead issue. BTW: I’ve edited your comment (in that thread) because I’m not even going to publish that hacking-mill’s name here. They’ll get no SEO from this blog for that mess!!!

        The fact is, I originally created this blog to write about how the philosophies contained in Zen have really helped me over the last dozen years. That’s what the pine cone is supposed to represent (DrewDabble reaching out to the universe [in all directions] from an icy couch). However I’m trying to add my avatar to that image to better identify me in connection to TSTO .

        Stay tuned… I’ve got a post in the works clarifying my position in all this TSTO Tips drama – but I can save everyone the time – I’m just trying to be helpful in in the original spirit of that site. I’m talking pre Level 30. Long time TSTO Tips readers will understand what I mean by that. ;).

  1. Have followed tsto tips couple of times DAILY for I don’t know how long.
    You say it’s just a website, but really, it’s easy to fool people by the use of their loyalty. I am a bit sad for this sudden loss. I actually found myself not playing TSTO as eagerly yesterday. It just wasn’t as fun knowing that people have gone buying cheap donuts. And then I found myself googling the whole evening, thinking there must be some kind of explanation for this!

    Mr T hasn’t sold the website. IF Mr T would have sold the site it wouldn’t be to a hack site, and it certainly wouldn’t be without letting the fans know first. Everything else is just speculation. But, seeing how easy it seems to fool people into believing he’s a bad guy and turning their back on him, I imagine it to be an easy thing to do after this episode. Until Mr T shows up himself and tells us what happened, I believe the site to be brutally hacked. Nothing else.

    • Hey Iz, Thanks for commenting 🙂 I recognize your username. I believe we’ve even commented on in the same threads at TSTO Tips before.

      I feel you 😦 I don’t want to believe anything bad about Mr. T (nor anyone else for that matter) but Mike S. (TSTO Tips author/admin) says the site has been legally “wrangled” away from Mr. T.

      Unfortunately this frankly makes more sense than a hack. I work in IT, and a WordPress blog (or Twitter or Facebook etc.) is fairly easy to recover from a password hack, IF you are the legal owner. I’ve helped clients with this before. Besides, if WP couldn’t help (because the site’s on a dedicated server now), then the hosting company would probably be able to quickly get the owner back in control, or have just taken the site down.

      Regardless of what’s happening now, before he added the awesome guest authors, someone, (Mr. T or whoever) single-handily provided months of interesting and helpful daily posts plus provided thoughtful and friendly moderation for 1000’s upon 1000’s of comments. Rather than condemn anyone for anything, I choose instead to be grateful for those 5 wonderful months. BTW: I didn’t say it was just a website 🙂 For the past 5 months, IMHO, it’s been “THE” website, but alas things change and (it would seem) it’s time to move on.

      • I recognize your username from the site too 🙂 was glad to read your post – even though it seems like an end to the TSTO Tips era, Mr T&friends managed to gather lots of people who have played this game, together. It was a really nice community.

        I should have used the word “they” and not “you” in the sentence about it being “just a website”. 🙂

        Sad to read about it seeming like the website has been legally ‘wrangeled” away, though I wonder : what does it mean exactly?

  2. What was this lawsuit about? I imagine it was a bogus threat and he fell for it? Why would somebody going after blood offer 2k to run a site into the ground? Sorry too many questions remaining to move on but i think we’ll forget all this mumbo jumbo by next week.

  3. Current post linking to gamezino is a hacker that has taken over the site. The rest of the admins that have been filling in for Tips while he has been away are currently locked out of the site and can’t delete that scam post. Found this out while searching for gamezino reviews and found a thread on reddit where MikeS and spAnser were trying to let people know.

    • Apologies for my quick and maybe not correct response, I am reading posts that say Tips sold the site to the zino people under threat of lawsuit, I have no idea what is going on honestly.

      • No worries budvugger! This whole TSTO Tips thing has thrown lots of folks into a tailspin, me included. Time will tell, and if it doesn’t… I’ll try my best to. Stay tuned!

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