TSTO Level 32 Walkthrough

Level 32

DrewDabble’s Level 32 Walkthrough – The Simpsons Tapped Out
Quest (*click to see dialogs) Starts With Character(s) Needed Time
Kamp Bart Prologue Marge Bart & Grandpa 12h
Rod And Todd Prelude Lisa Build Sir Putt-A-Lot’s 24h
Rod And Todd Pt 1 Homer Rod & Todd 4h
Rod And Todd Pt 2 Ned Lisa, Rod & Todd 8h
Rod And Todd Pt 3 Marge See-Saw + R & T 4h
Rod And Todd Pt 4 Rod Rod & Todd 10m
Rod And Todd Pt 5 Ned Rod & Todd 6h
Rod And Todd Pt 6 Ned Rod & Todd 12h
Rod And Todd Pt 7 Lisa Monkey Bars + Rod 24h
Rod And Todd Pt 8 Todd Rod & Todd 8h
Rod And Todd Pt 9 Lisa Rod 1h
Rod And Todd Pt 10 Todd Todd 1h
Bread And Putter Pt 1 Ned Ned, Homer 12h
Bread And Putter Pt 2 Ned Bart, Rod, Nelson 24h
Bread And Putter Pt 3 Ned Todd, Lisa, Martin 24h
Bread And Putter Pt 4** Homer Milhouse, Ralph 24h
Bread And Putter Pt 5** Homer Bart, Todd, Ralph  24h
Kamp Bart Pt 1 Milhouse Bart, Lisa, Milhouse 24h
Kamp Bart Pt 2 Lisa Bart 60m
Kamp Bart Pt 3 Milhouse Martin 1d12h
Kamp Bart Pt 4** Krusty Bart 8h
Kamp Bart Pt 5** Brockman Bart 24h
Kamp Bart Pt 6** Bart Bart 4h
Kamp Bart Pt 7** Krusty Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Martin  12h

Please Note:
1) Indented as a ‘minimal info’ walkthrough to try and limit the ‘spoiler effect’
2) **Quests in italics – mean I haven’t reached it yet and therefore have not verified the info. I’ve gathered it from far-and-wide for my own quest/task planning.
3) Please let me know of any additional info, mistakes or typos & I’ll fix/add them ASAP.
4) No copyright infringement is intended. Just a huge TSTO fan having big fun!
5) This was complied from my own game progress and verified against multiple other sources.

Happy Tapping 🙂


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